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Tana Beles Sugar Factory One

Tana Beles Sugar Factory One

Tana Beles Sugar Factory One is located at  Amhara Regional State, Jawi District of Awi Zone. It is one of the three factories planned to be built under Tana Beles Sugar Development Project which was established in 2010. The Factory is found at a distance of 650 kilometers from Addis Ababa as well as 225 kilo meters from the Regional Capital Bahir Dar via Gilgel Beles` tarmac road.

When the project was incepted it was planned to have sugarcane developed on 75 thousand hectares of land that would supply sugarcane to the three factories envisioned to be built. Ethiopian Sugar Industry Group (by then Sugar Corporation) had agreed in 2011 with Metals and Engineering Corporation (METEC) to construct the factory with in eighteen months. However, as the factory was delayed for more than seven years, the agreement with METEC was terminated in 2018 by the decision of the government.

The factory with a capacity of crushing 12 thousand tons of sugarcane a day is supposed to have sugarcane to be developed on 25 thousand hectares of land initially.  In December 2019 an agreement was signed with China CAMCE Engineering Co., Ltd. (CAMCE)/ to complete the remaining construction and other related works of the factory. The government has made available domestic as well as foreign currency worth of 95 million dollar for the purpose. Accordingly, CAMCE, despite the challenge of Covid-19, has made tremendous effort to complete the construction work and thereby enable the factory began trial production in June 2021. The Factory, at last, was inaugurated officially on June 6, 2021 by H.E Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed (Ph.D).

Tana Beles Sugar Factory One, entering operation in its full gear as per its design, produces refined sugar and 45 megawatts electricity of which it uses 16 megawatt for its own operational purposes and sends the remaining 29 megawatt for the national power grid generating income to the factory. Owning the ethanol plant in the future, it will also have the capacity of producing higher volume of ethanol.

Tana Beles Sugar Factory is one among the five sugar factories which have become autonomous by the Council of Ministers Regulation Number 495/2022.

Irrigation Infrastructure Construction

  • Irrigation water for the factory`s sugarcane production is diverted from Beles River. The project generally has 30 km long weir which conducts 60 cubic meter water per second including controller; silt remover with main, medium as well as small canal construction completed and giving service. With the exception of few fields most of agriculture field of the factory uses overhead sprinkler for irrigation. So far around 16 thousand 146 hectare land is irrigated from the 40 thousand hectare land which is needed for the factory`s sugarcane development.

Sugarcane Development

  • Till June 2022 about 13 thousand 147 hectare land is covered with sugarcane. As factory construction was delayed so much from the scheduled time, the field with very old sugarcane is over turned and changed to rattan and 4 thousand 374 hectare land is being taken care of while sugarcane grown on 3 thousand 893 hectare is ready to be supplied to the factory,
  • This sugarcane is being supplied to Tana Beles Sugar Factory One on its transition from trial production to regular production.


  • The Factory is producing co-products in line with sugarcane cultivation. So far cultivating banana on 24.5 hectare, mango on 23 hectare, orange on 80 hectare, papaya on 2.6 hectare, guava on 0.44 hectare and avocado on 0.42 hectare has been achieved.


  • One thousand 703 residential and 16 service giving houses have been built and most of them are giving service.

Community benefit

  • Discussions on the benefits of the development project have been held with 67 thousand 151 members of the local community and hence sense of ownership has developed among the locals.
  • Using the budget allocated by the then Sugar Corporation schools, health institutions, medium and deep wells for potable water; roads and other infrastructures have been built for those who are resettled as a result of the development
  • Moreover; compensation worth 145.9 million birr is given for the resettled locals taking into account their asset valuation, permanent plants and religious institutions.
  • Regarding job opportunities 3 thousand 754 youth of the area as well as citizens have got permanent, contract and seasonal job opportunities created by the project as well as through small and medium institutions since the project is started. Furthermore, 42 small and micro institutions are organized to which work link is created.
  • In total Ethiopian Sugar Industry Group has spent 287 million 494 thousand 068 birr for public participation as well as development works.

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