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Sugar Academy

Sugar Academy

Sugar Academy was established in 2007 at Wonji to fill the gaps of knowledge, skill and attitude in the sugar development sector and thereby ultimately make transfer of technology and knowledge possible. The Academy, starting from 2008 is carrying out different professional training programs.

During the establishment process of the Academy, local experiences and experiences from different countries are taken in to consideration while developing strategic document was also part of the process. The Academy has prepared Curriculums, Modules and Occupational Standards for 12 fields of specializations by highly experienced professionals of the sector. Favorable situations are created so as to start regular training program and hence make training sessions directly related with the occupational standards prepared.

Currently the Academy is giving training courses at certificate level on sugar industry and other related sectors such as agriculture, factory operation and maintenance as well as management with which it has reached at the level of graduating from 400 up to 600 trainees yearly. The training courses are mainly planned to be given in  three categories namely  Industrial Training  which incorporates Sugar/Ethanol Manufacturing Technology, Sugar Engineering/ Mechanical and Sugar Engineering i.e.Electrical and Instrumentation; Agricultural Training which incorporates  Sugar Cane Agronomy, Field Machinery Operation and Maintenance and Irrigation and Drainage System as well as Managerial Training Programs which incorporates Human Resource Management, Finance and Audit, Material Purchasing and Management and Industrial Safety.

To make the Academy in the future a Center of Excellence and Technology Transfer in the sugar sector at a global level, a strategic plan is developed with short and long term goals and efforts are being made to start giving regular, pre-service and short term training programs.

Using zonal linkage forum as well as collaborating with different higher learning institutions, the Academy has set a goal to graduate over 2,000 professionals annually at Bachelor, Masters and PhD degree level.

The Academy has also equipped itself with facilities which are helpful to give practical training programs and the former Wonji Shoa Sugar Factory Workshop is renovated for the purpose. Furthermore, library service, class rooms with facilities and comfortable dormitories including modern dining hall are made ready.

Currently efforts are going on to enable the Academy acquire accreditation as “A Center of Training and Exam” at national level.

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