Arjo diddessa sugar factory awarded implementing kaizen

Arjo Diddessa Sugar Factory awarded for efficiently implementing primary level Kaizen philosophy in the manufacturing sector.

The Sugar Factory has won the award at national level for implementing multi-dimensional tasks in the Kaizen management philosophy.

In addition to the reward the Factory has won as an institution, a Kaizen Development Team by the name “Yicahlal kelibbu” and a staff member of the Factor have won awards for their best performance.

According to Public Relations Office of the Factory, the team hav got the award for its improved and creative activities, which have played its own part in solving spare part problems of the Factory.

The documentation work of the consecutive discussions the team has carried out which bore fruit in bringing about the desired result has played a decisive role to the team to win the award, it was learnt.

The staff member of the Factory, Ato Lulsegged Tefera, won the award for his outstanding work in generating and implementing problem solving ideas and creative works, the report of the office has noted.

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