Omo Kuraz Sugar Factory Three

At a distance of 874 km from Addis Ababa, it is found in Kaffa and Bench Maji zones bordering Omo River. The factory is inaugurated by Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed (Ph.D) on October 14, 2018.

Construction of the factory officially started on March11, 2016 by the 8 billion Birr loan obtained from Chinese Development Bank. It is a huge project, constructed by the Chinese COMPLANT Company which, while operating in its full design capacity, is capable to produce from 800 to 1000 tons of sugar a day. As it is up to date it can produce raw, plantation white and refined sugar as per the demand of the domestic as well as the world market.

Commencing of production of Omo Kuraz Sugar Factory Three will increase the number of operating sugar factories in Ethiopia to eight (Wonji Shoa, Metehara, Fincha, Kessem, Tendaho, Arjo Diddessa, Omo Kuraz Two and Three sugar factories).