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Favourabel Situations

Over 4 million hectares irrigable fertile land suitable for cane development; Favorable climate; Abundant water for irrigation (rivers); Higher cane productivity; Infrastructures (big dams and irrigation infrastructures, roads, airport, ...

Vision :- Satisfy the local sugar demand by 2028


It is possible to cultivate 162 tons of sugarcane per hectare on average in 15 months and to produce 10.8 tons of sugarcane per month and when compared against the global sugarcane production potential it outstrips the global production per hectare in 2.3 tons.


Eight producing factories (Wonji Shoa, Metahara, Finchaa, Kessem, Tana Beles, Arjo-Diddessa, Omo Kuraz 2 and Omo Kuraz 3)


There are projects at varous part of the contry which are found at different level of construction.

Annual production

As per the Five Years Strategic plan of Ethiopian Sugar Industry Group it is planned to produce 726,670 tons of sugar by 2026/2027

Land covered

86,355 Hectar, Total land covered with sugarcane

Functions and Responsibilities of ESIG

Follow up and monitor the execution of new as well as existing feasible public sugar projects and commission such projects as independently – operating sugar mill;

Sugar Academy

Sugar Academy was established in 2007 at Wonji to fill the gaps of knowledge, skill and attitude in the sugar development sector and thereby ultimately make transfer of technology and knowledge possible. The Academy, starting from 2008 is carrying out different professional training programs.


Sugar Industry Sub Sector

Sugar development sector is one among other huge projects which enables industry take a leading role in the nation’s economy. Ethiopia has huge human as well as natural resources which enable the nation to broaden this export oriented manufacturing industry sector and its productivity.

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Operational Sugar Factories

Eight producing factories (Wonji Shoa, Metahara, Finchaa, Kessem, Tana Beles, Arjo-Diddessa, Omo Kuraz 2 and Omo Kuraz 3)

Under Project Phase

Omo Kuraz 1, Omo Kuraz 5, Welkayit 1st & 2nd phase factory construction and Tendaho Sugar Factory


Domestic Sugar Supply

The current annual sugar supply is about 600 thousand tons of sugar of these 325 thousand to 400 thousand tons of sugar is produced in the country.

Currently per year over 32.5 million liters ethanol is produced on average from Metehara and Fincha Sugar Factories.

Wonji Shoa – 6,250, Metahara – 5,372, Fincha -12,000, Tendaho/ Temporarily Terminated/ -13,000, Kessem – 6,000, Arjo Diddessa – 8,000, Omo Kuraz Number Two – 12,000, Omo Kuraz Number Three – 12,000, Tana Beles Sugar Factory One -12,000

86,355 hectares of sugarcane cultivated land
More than 45 thousand workers on permanent, contractual and temporary basis
21 thousand 147 residential houses and 311 different service providing blocks
172 institutions (schools, health institutions, mills, potable water supply centers, roads, animal health posts, water ponds for animals, farmer/pastoralist training centers, association shops, religious institutions, etc.)
15 thousand 316 members organized in 70 associations pf these 9 thousand 319 members organized in 31 associations at Wonji Some associations in Wonji share 50,000 to 240,000 birr among each individual member every 18 months

The Sugar Research and Development Center

Research works on sugar begun in our country in 1951 by the Dutch HVA Company. The Headquarter of the then Research Center was in Amsterdam. The center by then had been giving a strong support for sugar factories in Ethiopia.

Improve production

Researches made to improve production process and thereby increase production and productivity; minimize costs as well as applied researches which de-bottleneck problems have been inducted on every factory and its sugarcane farm land;

Technical and advisory services

Optimization measures have been taken including technical and advisory services through identifying problems arising from production system;

Members of Board of Directors of Ethiopian Sugar Industry Group

From Left to Right - Ato Beakal Ejigu, Ato Gadisa Desalegn, H.E Ambassador Girma Biru (Chairman of the Board), Dr. Kebede Teshome, Ato Fikadu Agonafer, Ato Solomon Engida

Our Management

Meet Management Members of the Group.
Weyo Roba

Weyo Roba

Feyissa Fikadu

Feyissa Fikadu

Deputy CEO, Factory & Project Operation Division
Abraham Demissie Chare

Abraham Demissie Chare

Deputy CEO, Service Division
Zemedkun Tekle

Zemedkun Tekle

Deputy CEO, Corporate Affairs Division
Abayneh Bazezew

Abayneh Bazezew

Deputy CEO, Research and Development Division
Tafesse Assefa

Tafesse Assefa

Deputy CEO, Marketing Division

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Annual Review of Research Results and Proposals Held
  • News
  • June 17, 2024

Annual Review of Research Results and Proposals Held

Research and Training Center of  Ethiopian Sugar Industry Group has organized its annual center-level research review forum from June 10 to 14, 2024 at the Sugar Academy Hall in Wonji.

Discussion Held on Summary Report of  Cuban Sugar Sector  Technical Team

Discussion Held on Summary Report of  Cuban Sugar Sector  Technical Team

Cuban sugar sector technical team which had paid a work visit on four sugar factories as well as the research and training center of Ethiopian Sugar Industry Group…

Cuban Sugar Industry Technical Team Started It’s Work at Omo Belt

Cuban Sugar Industry Technical Team Started It’s Work at Omo Belt

uban sugar industry technical team has started working at Omo belt on June 23, 2024 concluding its work at Wonji Shoa and Metehara sugar factories as per the signed MoU between Ethiopian Sugar

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Tana Beles Sugar Factory

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