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Metehara Sugar Factory

Metehara Sugar Factory

The Factory is found in Oromia region at 200 Kilometers distance from Addis Ababa. Same as Wonji Shoa Sugar Factory, its construction was carried out by H.V.A. Company of the Netherlands.

The Factory started sugar production in 1970. Formed as Share Company between the then Ethiopian government and the constructing company, it was the third sugar mill to the nation. Its sugarcane plantation filed is around 10,230 hectares and has the potential to produce more than 130,000 tons of sugar per year.

Through an expansion project conducted, it came up with an ethanol producing plant by the end of 2010. Currently the Factory’s ethanol plant has a capacity of producing 12,500 Meter Cube ethanol per year. It also generates 9 megawatts of power from bagasse. This makes the Factory self-sufficient in getting its own power demand.

The Factory was the first among public enterprises in implementing Quality Measurement System (QMS) and International Standard Organization (ISO) standards including Kaizen philosophy and registering outstanding result. It is a pioneer for registering successful result applying kaizen. It received awards both at institution, development team and individual levels at the First Kaizen Award and won trophies and medals.

Moreover, it received honorary medals and trophies from the former Prime Minister Haile Mariam Desalegn at the Kaizen award held at Hilton Hotel in September 2015.

Metehara Sugar Factory is one among the five sugar factories which have become autonomous by the Council of Ministers Regulation Number 499/2022.

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