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Omo Kuraz 5 Sugar Development Project

Omo Kuraz 5 Sugar Development Project

Omo Kuraz 5 Sugar Development Project shares boundaries with Nyangatom District of South Omo Zone. It is found at the distance of 954 km from Addis Ababa. Factory construction had been begun in November 2016 by the Chinese JJIEC though it was halted due to financial reasons. Factory construction had reached 27.7% before it was temporarily suspended. It was supposed to be constructed in two phases with cane crushing design capacity of 24 thousand tons a day.


A coffer dam is built on Omo River to supply water for all factories of the Omo Kuraz Sugar Development Project which altogether have 100,000 hectares of land to be covered with sugarcane.

Main Canal Construction

43 km long main canal irrigation infrastructure construction out of the total length of 134 km planned which is enable the project to develop sugarcane had been going on the right side of Omo River. Furthermore, digging of the remaining 91 km main canal was complete and left only with structural works till the factory construction work was temporarily suspended.

Over 22.3 billion birr is required to complete the main canal construction and other related work at Omo Kuraz Sugar Development Project where all four sugar factories are planned to be constructed.

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