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Building modern technology and capable human resource so as to develop the nation’s potential of the sector and hence produce sugar, sugar bi-products and co-products and satisfy the domestic market beyond taking foreign market share and thereby support the nation’s economy.


Satisfy the local sugar demand by 2028 with domestic sugar production.


  • Rich Work culture;
  • Excellent Productivity;
  • Quality;
  • Customer Satisfaction;
  • Profitability;
  • Social Responsibility;
  • Environmental Protection.


Identifying the root cause of less productivity in sugarcane, sugar, sugar by-products as well as high cost of production, enable existing sugar factories and also new sugar projects reach their high productivity and full production capacity level.

 Establishment of Ethiopian Sugar Industry Group

Dissolving Sugar Corporation the FDRE Council of Ministers Regulation Number 500/2022 has established Ethiopian Sugar Industry Group in March, 2022. According to the regulation the group shall own and directly administer Omo- Kuraz Sugar Factory two and three as well as Omo- Kuraz Sugar Development one and five; Arjo Didesa Sugar Factory, Welkayiet Sugar Development Project while the Group is the full shareholder of Wonji/Shoa, Metehara, Fincha, Kesem and Tana Beles sugar factories which are converted into share companies of the Group.

Hence, the Group has the following functions and responsibilities:-

  • Follow up and monitor the execution of new as well as existing feasible public sugar projects and commission such projects as independently – operating sugar mill;
  • Create a modern and efficient distribution system for locally manufactured and imported sugar, sugar by-products and co-products and ensure effective distribution of such products in the domestic market as well as export such products where appropriate;
  • Approve the operating budget, the investment plan and budget of state owned sugar mills as well as monitor, follow-up and evaluate their periodic performance;
  • Support trade and investment activities of state owned sugar factories and collaborate with same in the building of sugar byproduct and co-product processing plants;
  • Submit proposal to the Minister of Finance on amount of annual income from sugar sale that state owned sugar mills are allowed to retain for the purpose of determining their contribution to the sugar fund in accordance with Article 4 of the Sugar Industry Development Fund and implement same upon approval;
  • Facilitate capacity building activities in favor of state owned sugar factories, by strengthening university industry linkages for training and research as well as provide same with business advice and other technical support;
  • Manufacture factory components and spare parts independently or in partnership with local or foreign companies and carryout from inside or outside Ethiopia, bulk procurements of large machinery, spare parts and various inputs that are of common requirement to sugar factories under a framework contract and supply same to state owned sugar mills;
  • Raise finance capital by selling bonds or negotiating and entering into a loan agreement with local or foreign financial institutions in accordance with the policy direction and directives issued by the Ministry of Finance;

Carry out such other activities as are necessary to accomplish the purpose for which it is established.