Sugar Corporation

The present “Sugar Corporation” with a vision of executing sugar development activities at a large scale came into existence on October, 2010 by the Council of Ministers Regulation No.192/2010 replacing the former Ethiopian Sugar Development Agency.

 Currently, with the Regulation No. 916/2015 instituted to determine the authority and practice of FDRE Executive Bodies, the Corporation is operating under a Board of Management while it is organized under Ministry of Government Enterprises.

 carrying out wide sugarcane plantation activities and creating large job opportunities. On the other hand, the Corporation, from the concluded GTP exposure, has learnt that it has got a lot to do to increase the number of sugar factories as well as amount of sugar production and co-products.;The Corporation, during the First GTP, has carried out various activities such as building various infrastructures as well as social institutions

Hence, the Government has come to a conclusion that the Corporation, to attain the mission it is expected during the Second GTP, has to make certain structural changes which enable it accomplish the goals of the Second GTP of the sector. Accordingly, the Corporation, with a new structure which is believed to efficiently conduct sugar development activities at a large scale in the nation, is now carrying out various activities.

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