Plant & Process Conference Held

The annual Plant & Process Conference which has been customary in the sugar sector but interrupted for the past nine years was held from July  25- 26, 2019 at Executive Hotel in Adama City.

On the two day conference 227 participants have attended and held discussions on the presentations of the ten year performance report of sugarcane and factory product and productivity. Solution-indicative further discussions have been held, it was learned. Participants have also held discussions on the road map of a five and three year’s sugarcane development and factories respectively.

CEO of Sugar Corporation Ato Weyo Roba, in his welcoming remark, said the Conference will bring back the forgotten good experiences of the sugar sector which will help leap the Corporation into success.

Recalling the positive impacts of similar former conferences in generating ideas which helped increase product and productivity, the upcoming plant and process conferences will be held annually on regular basis, he has pointed out.

Ato Weyo also said the Corporation has set a reform package with nine core goals to take the industry out of the serious problems it has been indulged. He finally expressed his conviction that the reform will bring back the good working culture and fame.

Guest of Honor of the Conference and Member of board of Directors of Sugar Corporation, Professor Daniel Kitaw, on his opening remark said that one of the main reasons which took the sugar industry in predicament in the past years was the absence of realistic feasibility study of new sugar development projects devoid of any influence. Lack of infrastructures, inefficiency of implementation and disorganized overhauling, disregarding change tools as well as financial shortage are among the major drawbacks of the sugar industry sector, he emphasized.

Doing away with key production and productivity parameters while evaluating the factories annual performance has brought about a negative impact on the development of the sector, he said.

Professor Daniel urged participants to take the sector out of the chronic problems it has been immersed so that the industry could play a major role in the country`s economy.

It is mandatory to carry out series of researches and implement new technologies as well as make swift change measures to make the industry productive, profitable and competitive bringing its former glory back, he also said.

The Plant and Process Conference held and its continuity in the future will return the industry into its former glittering working culture and to realize it Sugar Corporation and stakeholders should work harmoniously, he added.

Professor Daniel, in his concluding remark, has disclosed the Board of Directors readiness in doing its best to tackle the problems the industry has faced and ensure its success.

Organizations which have assisted the Conference to become successful have taken certificates from the Corporation`s CEO, Ato Weyo Roba.

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