Omo Kuraz Sugar Development Project

It is a project found in South Omo Zone (Selamago and Gnanegatom Districts), Bench-Maji Zone (Surma and Mieinitshasha Districts) and Keffa Zone (Diecha District) of Southern Nations, Nationalities & Peoples Region.

It is about 825-954 km from Addis Ababa via Hosaena – Arbaminch -Jinka or 859-988 km via Shashemenne – ArbaMinch – Jinka route. It is an hour flight to Jinka plus a vehicle journey that stretches from 80 -220 km.

The project has four factories that can crush 60,000 tons of sugarcane under construction which use sugar cane developed over 100,000 hectares land. When they produce in full capacity each of the three can crush 12 thousand tons of sugarcane and produce 250,000 tons of sugar and 28 million liters ethanol. They also generate 45 megawatts electricity and send 29 of it to the national power grid.

Similarly the remaining factory can crush 24 thousand tons of sugarcane a day and produce 500,000 tons of sugar and 56 million liters ethanol a year. Furthermore, it generates 90 megawatts of electricity; sends 58 megawatts of it after consuming 32 megawatts for itself.

From the four sugar factories those constructed by the Chinese Company COMPLANT i.e Omo Kuraz Sugar Factory Two and Omo Kuraz Sugar Factory Three have entered into production while Omo Kuraz One and Omo Kuraz Five are under construction.

Investment Cost 

Till April 8, 2018, close to 34.8 billion birr has been spent for the four sugar factories in Omo Kuraz Sugar Development Project for capital investment (irrigation infrastructures, land preparation, sugarcane development, housing, factory construction, etc.); project pre operation as well as operational budget.

Social Benefit

  • In collaboration with Southern Nations, Nationalities and Peoples Regional State, Sugar Corporation is implementing various life-style-changing activities to benefit the local society and hence bring about regional transformation within the country.
  • Accordingly, the Corporation has spent about 86 million birr to benefit the local community excluding expenses of irrigation infrastructures development.

Hence, more than 50 social service institutions (schools, health posts, community policing offices, local area administration offices, association offices, mills and animal health posts, potable water, internal roads, irrigated land supply) are constructed and giving service.

Compensation Fees

1,141,165 birr compensation fee is given to pastoralists whose beehives and crops had been affected due to coffer dam and main canal construction work.

Public Discussion and Mobilization

2,584, 309.30 birr is spent to hold public discussions at different times to raise their awareness about the benefits of the sugar development.

Skill Training

2,866,658 birr is spent for a medium level skill training so as to benefit the local society from the job opportunities created at the project.

Job Opportunities

Ever since the project started in 2011 more than 110,000 local community members have got job opportunities by the project, contractors and micro and mall enterprises on provisional, permanent and contractual basis. More than 300 micro and mall enterprises are organized in the area and have begun work playing their own share in the creation of the above job opportunities.

Sugarcane Outgrowing Associations

In order to benefit pastoralists of the area permanently each household is given 0.75 hectares irrigated land since 2013/14 for 2,205 families organized in four associations. The total area of land given for the pastoralists to develop and sell sugarcane for the factory is 1,653.75 hectares. In addition to this the pastoralists for the first time in their history have produced crops like maize. This transformed them to semi farmers.