Omo Kuraz Sugar Factory 5

Omo Kuraz Sugar Factory Five shares boundaries with South Omo Zone`s Nyangatom District. It is found at the distance of 954 km from Addis Ababa. Factory construction begun in November 2016 by the Chinese JJIEC and is being constructed in two phases. When it operates with full capacity it can crush 24 tons of sugarcane a day. 

Irrigation infrastructures

Extensive irrigation infrastructures are being constructed on Omo River which enables 100 thousand hectares of land to be covered with sugarcane.

Coffer Dam

A coffer dam is built on Omo River to supply water for the project.

Main Canal Construction

On the left bank of the river 55 km long main canal infrastructure is constructed and is giving service. 43 km out of 134 km main canal to be constructed on the right bank of the river is constructed and giving service in the same way. Digging of the remaining 91 km main canal is complete and left only with structural works.

Generally 22.3 billion birr is needed to complete the main canal construction work at Omo Kuraz Sugar Developemnt Project and other related works.

Sugarcane Development

So far 30,000 hectares land at the project is irrigated. Out of this 16,0000 hectares land is covered with sugarcane.

Housing Construction

1,140 residential houses and 52 service giving blocks are constructed and now giving service at the project.

Tana Beles Sugar Development Project

The Project is located at Awi Zone`s Jawi District of Amhara region. Its head quarter is at Fendika Town 650 km from Addis Ababa and 225 km from Bahir Dar town.

Construction of two sugar factories, which can crush 12 thousand tons of sugarcane per day each, begun by Metal and Engineering Corporation (METEC). However, due to long delay observed from the contractor to construct Tana Beles Sugar Factory One and Two`s the contract signed with METEC was terminated by the Government in 2018 and 2017 respectively.

When the remaining construction of the two factories is completed they are expected to use sugarcane developed on 40 thousand hectares of land. The irrigation water supply for sugarcane development is made available because of the weir constructed on Beles River.

When the factories operate in full capacity each is expected to produce 242,000 tons of sugar and 20 million 827 liters ethanol a year. They also are designed to produce refined sugar. Furthermore, they altogether will have a design capacity of generating 45 megawatts electric power out of which using 20 megawatts for their own factory operation could send the remaining 25 megawatts to the national power grid and generate income.