Tana Beles Sugar Factory 2

As per the agreement signed between Sugar Corporation and Metal and Engineering Corporation (METEC) in June 2012, factory construction would have been completed and begun production in 18 months. However, due to overstretched delay by the side of METEC the government had terminated the contract with METEC in 2017. As Sugar Corporation`s external consultant confirmed factory construction had only reached 25% by then.

Currently a domestic company is showing interest to buy the factory. If an agreement is reached by Sugar Corporation and the company, the factory would be privatized.

Irrigation Infrastructures Construction at Tana Beles Sugar Development Project

Irrigation water is already made available from Beles River for sugarcane development of the project. The project has a 30 km length weir which can pass 60 cubic meter water per second. Additionally, in-flow water controller, silt remover and main canal construction is completed and is giving service. With the exception of few fields the area is irrigated using overhead irrigation (sprinkler).

  • 16,146 hectares land is irrigated

Sugarcane Development

  • 13 thousand 248 hectares land is covered with sugarcane

Housing Construction

  • 1,469 residential and 20 service giving institutions are constructed and giving service

Community`s Benefit

Successive discussions were held with members of the community at the venue of the project at different times so as to make the development is a benefit for all. Schools, health institutions, medium level potable water institutions, roads and other infrastructure and social service institutions are constructed to those relocated from the area. These are now giving services.

In addition to this payment of 152.6 million birr is effected for asset valuation, perennial plants developed on their lands as well as for religious institutions as compensation. 91,493 jobs were created for the area`s youth and other citizens by the project, contractors as well as micro and small enterprises on permanent, contractual and temporary basis. In addition to this 1,253 micro and small enterprises are organized and job ties are created to them.

With regard to fulfilling its social responsibility and development works, a total of 178.68 million birr is spent by Sugar Corporation.