The project office is located at Tigray Regional State`s Western Zone, Welkayit District on 1,030 km away from Addis Ababa. It uses sugarcane, which will be developed at 40 thousand hectares of land and it is expected to crush 24,000 tons of sugarcane a day. The factory is being constructed by The Chinese CAMC Company.

Construction of Welkayit Sugar Factory is being constructed in two phases. When it operates on its optimum crushing capacity it produces 484,000 tons of sugar and 41 million 654 litres of ethanol a year.

The project gets its irrigation water from Tekeze, Kalema and Zarema Rivers.

Irrigation Infrastructure Building

  • May-Day Dam, which has the capacity to hold 3.5 billion cubic meter water, is being constructed on Zarema River. When the Dam is completed it would have 840 meter width and 135.5 meter height.
  • Hand in hand with dam construction, to develop 7 thousand hectares land with drip irrigation, an agreement is signed with Israeli NETAFIM Company and job is being carried out.
  • 10 km long main canal construction is completed.
  • Construction is going on to develop 3 thousand hectares land with sprinkler pumping from Kalema River
  • 260 hectares land is irrigated for sugarcane seed

Sugarcane Development

  • From the irrigated land 140 hectares land is covered with sugarcane seed.

Housing Construction

  • 1,066 residential houses and 53 service giving blocks are constructed and are now giving service.

Community`s Benefit

Intermediate skill trainings have been given so as to benefit the local community from the development activities being carried out at the project. 84, 659 local community`s youth and other citizens have permanent, contractual and temporary jobs. 161 organized micro and small enterprises are getting every support including the creation of business links.

Asset and production compensation has been given for those who are relocated as a result of the development. For 2,621 citizens resettled at Korarit from the factory`s command area social service institutions (schools, human and animal health posts, farmer training centers etc. ), 14 potable water institutions and 62 km roads are built and now giving services.

A total of 407.68 million birr is spent by Sugar Corporation for public participation and development works