Research works on sugar begun in our country in 1951 by the Dutch HVA Company. The Headquarter of the then Research Center was in Amsterdam. The center by then had been giving a strong support for sugar factories in Ethiopia.

Since the factory started planting sugarcane and start sugar production, evidences show trainings on sugar industry were used to be given from 1958. Later, due to the factories transfer to public ownership, this made the research works had been carried out by different organizational structures at different times.

It was with the establishment of Sugar Corporation by Council of Ministers proclamation number 192/2010 that research and training is given higher attention. Since then it performs the following:

  •   Increase production and productivity by advancing applied research which reduces production cost based on problem solving. So far it is possible to generate technologies for commercial service;
  • Apply research findings to boost production at each sugar factory and field;
  • Identifying problems faced in production process, it has given technical and advisory services to optimize productivity;
  • By evaluating the application of researches on work and their environmental impact new research directives and strategies are prepared ;
  • Introduced sugarcane seeds with higher productivity, disease resistant with high sugar content ;
  • Introduced improved sugarcane production means and new technologies;
  • Enabled application of operational technologies with their appropriate standards their by share best experiences ;
  • By issuing different sugar technology researches it has been possible to avoid sugar loss and increase overall recovery;
  • It has made possible to generate and adapt technologies on sugar by-products and those related with ethanol and
  • It has conducted various trainings involving professionals so as to lead the industry with skilled and fruitful human resource.

The sugar research center which is located at 110 km distance from Addis Ababa is restructured in 2016 to successfully achieving the above tasks.

Accordingly, the Center has set up research posts in Wonji Shoa, Metahara, Fincha, Tendaho, Arjo Diddessa and Kessem sugar factories as well as Tana Beles, Omo Kuraz and Welkayit sugar development projects. The sugar research center is conducting sugar technology researches to improve sugarcane and seed development.

Currently, it has prepared three roadmaps and these are bio refinery, sugar technology and microorganisms and hence to supply modern technologies and ensure the industries competitiveness sustainably. It has currently entered the implementation stage.