Tana Beles Sugar Factory One to Commence Trial Production in May

Tana Beles Sugar Factory  One is to  commence trial production in May this year Ato Weyo Roba, CEO of Sugar Corporation stated.  The CEO announced this at a visit prepared for Media and stake holders on January 24 and 25, 2020.

Member of Board of Directors of Sugar Corporation, guests from Ministry of Finance, Office of Prime Minister, Public Enterprises Holding & Administration Agency, administrative bodies of the project`s three neighboring districts  as well as journalists from Addis Ababa and Amhara region have taken part in the visit.

Tana Beles Sugar Development Project, one among  other huge sugar development projects under construction, is found at Jawwi district of Awwi Zone in Amhara Regional State. The project was first planned to comprise three sugar factories each with the capacity of crushing 12 thousand tons of sugarcane a day using sugarcane planted on 75 thousand hectares of land though the third one is cancelled by the Government due to shortage of finance.

Sugar Corporation had reached an agreement with Metal and Engineering Corporation (METEC) in 2012  to complete construction of Tana Beles sugar Factory one and two in 18 months. However, due to prolonged delay of construction of the factories, Sugar Corporation facing high bankruptcy, had terminated agreements of construction of Tana Beles Sugar Factory one and two in 2018 and 2017 respectively.

Following this, the Corporation reached an agreement with China CAMC Engineering Co., Ltd. (CAMCE), which is currently constructing Welkayite Sugar Factory to complete the remaining works of Tana Beles Sugar Factory one due to which the Company has already started work.

When the factory reaches its optimum capacity as per its design, it is planned to produce refined sugar and generate 45 megawatts electricity  out of which it uses 16 megawatts for its own operational purposes and sends the remaining 29 megawatts to the national power grid to generate income. It will also have a capacity to produce high amount of molasses and ethanol.

Even though sugarcane is planted on 13,147 hectare land since the inception of Tana Beles Sugar Development Project in 2010, but because of most of the cane is old, removing the old cane is begun.  Currently 12,362.37 hectares of land is covered with sugarcane  while sugarcane planted on 2,352 hectares is tilled and covered with sugarcane  removing the old sugarcane which is going to be used when the factory starts trial production.

The project is getting irrigation water from Beles River. A weir constructed on the river has a capacity of discharging 60 cubic meter per second, besides 31 km long main canal has also been constructed. Except some, most of the plantation areas will be irrigated by overhead (sprinkler) irrigation system.

The project is producing diversified products parallel with sugarcane development. And, so far it has covered 20 hectares of land with banana, 23 hectares with mango, 50 hectares with orange.

On the other hand, 1 thousand 689 residences and 24 service giving institutions are constructed among which most of them are currently giving service.

So far the project has created job opportunities for 91 thousand 493 local community members and other citizens on permanent, contract and provisional  basis hired by the project, contractors as well as small enterprises. Furthermore, the Corporation has organized and supported 1,253 small enterprises creating market linkage.

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