Training is provided to the top management of Sugar Corporation

A training program aimed at enhancing skill, leadership and work motivation has been given to members of Sugar Corporation’s top management. The training is prepared cognizant of implementation capacity and training needs as well as the prevailing situation of the sugar industry.

The training organized by Sugar Academy at Adama , Caneth Hotel from November 2-5,2020 had focused on Transformational Leadership, Emotional Intelligence, Reform Management and Role of leadership, Quality Management System & Paradigm Shift as well as Finance for Non-Financial Managers.

In his opening remark Sugar Corporation’s CEO Ato Weyo Roba said the training helps to maintain the encouraging results the Corporation has achieved in 2019/2020 fiscal year and enhance the enthusiasm created due to it.

According to him the training given specially at the time factories have completed their annual overhauling work and entered regular production creates good opportunities to keep up the strong sides of last fiscal year’s performance and also bring solutions to problems the industry had faced during it.

The top management should apply the knowledge and skills acquired from the training, he further underlined.

Basic issues and constructive ideas which help enhance the growth of the industry have been raised and discussed widely during the training program which has encompassed group discussions.

48 top management members from Corporation`s head office, sugar factories, sugar development projects, labor union as well as board of directors of the Corporation have attended the training given by well experienced invited trainers. The training is scheduled to be given to middle management and other professionals either in the Sugar Academy or at different venues, it is learnt.

Trainees, by the end of the training program, have received certificates from the hand of CEO of Sugar Corporation.

In related news, 90 professionals are, in the first round, attending their second and third degrees as per the agreement the Corporation have made with five universities in a bid to enhance capacities of professionals. It is also learnt that short term trainings are being provided for the existing and new staff at the Sugar Academy.

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