Wolkaiyt Sugar Development Project

It is the other sugar development project located at 1,300 kilo meters from Addis Ababa in the Western Zone of Tigray Regional State at Welkayit District. One sugar factory with 24,000 TCD is found under construction by Chinese Company – CAMC. When it reaches its maximum production capacity, the factory will be capable of producing 484,000 tons of sugar and 41,654 meter cube ethanol a year. The project’s total area of land for sugarcane cultivation is 50,000 hectares.

It will get its water supply from the river called Zareima upon which the construction of a dam named “May-Day” is in progress. The dam which is under construction by a local construction company-Sur Construction will have 840 meters width and 135.5 meters height. When completed, May-Day Dam will have a capacity of containing 3,497,000,000 meter cube water. Vis-à-vis the dam construction a drip irrigation scheme is in operation reaching at a contractual agreement with an Israeli Company known as NETAFIM so as to cultivate sugarcane at 7,000 hectares of land of the project. A 10 kilo meters long canal construction work is completed. A canal structure work capable of cultivating 3,000 hectares of land is underway. As cane cultivation needs water supply all throughout the year, the project is currently cultivating cotton till cultivating sugarcane with irrigated water supply is possible. 261 hectares of land is made irrigable while 220 hectares are covered with cane. 800 residential and 36 non-residential houses are constructed at the project.

In general, these new sugar factories under construction together with Tendaho, Kessem and Arjo Diedessa sugar factories which already commence production at different levels are expected to create direct and indirect job opportunities to more than 600,000 citizens in various fields of work. Moreover, as the sectors’ development activities are mainly carried out at the various remote areas of the nation, local people of these areas are enabled to get access to various social services and infrastructures including irrigable farm lands.

To accomplish these targets, the Corporation is working hand-in-glove & in coordination with the federal as well as regional government institutions responsible for constructing roads, electric power generation, water supply, telephone networking & housing facilities.

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