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Ethiopian Sugar Industry Profile

It was at Wonji in 1951 some 110 km east of the capital Addis Ababa that modern sugar industry started in Ethiopia as a share company established by foreign private investors & Ethiopian government. By then the Netherland’s H.V.A. Company had entered into the sector as a foreign share holder. When the factory started production in 1954 its initial production…

Sugar Producing Factories /Projects

Factory Sugarcane crushing Capacity per day per tons Region Total Land for sugarcane cultivation in hectares Wonji Shoa 6,250 Oromia 12,800 Metahara 5,372 Oromia 10,230 Fincha 12,000 Oromia 21,000 Tendaho/ Temporarily Terminated/ 13,000 Afar 25,000 Kessem 6,000 Afar 20,000 Arjo Diddessa 8,000 Oromia 16,000 Omo Kuraz Number Two 12,000 South N.N.P 20,000 Omo Kuraz Number Three 12,000 South N.N.P 20,000…