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Omo-Kuraz Sugar Factory II

Omo-Kuraz Sugar Factory II

Omo Kuraz Sugar Factory II is found in South Omo Zone of Southern Nations, Nationalities and Peoples Region at Selamago District at a distance of 825 km from Addis Ababa. Its construction is officially started in July, 2015 following an agreement signed between the then Sugar Corporation and the Chinese Company  known as COMPLANT, constructor of the factory with 6.67 billion birr loan obtained from Development Bank of China.

The Factory started trial sugar production in March 22, 2017.The Factory, entering regular production with its first phase, crushes 6 thousand to 6 thousand 500 tons of sugar cane a day. When it operates with its full capacity, concluding its second phase factory construction vis-à-vis widening its cane cultivation field, it will produce 12 thousand quintals of sugar a day. And, when it reaches the level of working with its full gear it will have a capacity of producing 2.5 Million quintals of sugar and 26 Million liters of ethanol a year. Furthermore, it will also produce 60 Megawatts of electricity and sends 40 Megawatts to the national power grid using only 20 to itself.

Gathering local pastoralists voluntarily in three villages, various social institutions were built at a cost of 36.6 million birr. Over 2,183 citizens including locals of the surrounding area have got job opportunities on permanent, contract and seasonal basis. And, 73 small enterprises being organized in commerce, food preparation and other jobs have become beneficiaries.

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