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Tana Beles Sugar Factory One Commence Regular Sugar Production

Tana Beles Sugar Factory One Commence Regular Sugar Production

Tana Beles Sugar Factory One commences regular white sugar production as of March 10, 2022.

The Factory was inaugurated with colorful ceremony by FDRE Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed(Ph.D) on June 6, 2021 following the conclusion of the factory construction. It is after the testing and commissioning as well as other corrective works are completed that the factory has now started regular production.

Factory General Manager Ato Anteneh Assege, all management members of the factory as well as invited guests from Fendika Town have witnessed the factory`s regular production commencement. The Factory is expected to produce morethan two hundred thousand quintals of sugar in the remaining production months of the budget year.

When the factory operatesat its full gear it crushes 12 thousand tons of sugar cane a day and hence producing nine to ten thousand quintals of sugar and 45 mwt electric power of which it uses 16 mwt for itself and sends 29 mwt to the national power grid. The Factory is also expected to have the capacity of producing high amount of molasses and ethanol.

The factory construction work was expected to be concluded in 18 months’ time when the agreement was signed in 2012. However, the construction was delayed for several years by the former contractor METEC. It is due to the change government which gave due attention to complete delayed projects that the factory has seen the light of completion.

It is to be recalled that the former Metal and Engineering Corporation had taken full construction cost from Sugar Corporation for building Tana Beles Sugar Factory One and Two while their respective construction status had only reached 65% and 25%.