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Annual Research Review Forum Held at Sugar Academy

Annual Research Review Forum Held at Sugar Academy

The Ethiopian Sugar Industry Group Research and Training Center has organized its Annual National Research Review Forum by the end of November, 2023, at the Sugar Academy Hall in Wonji.

The event has brought together researchers from various disciplines to present their manuscripts, which had undergone rigorous review processes at both the program and directorate levels.

Twelve manuscripts of the current budget year representing 5 distinct research programs were selected for presentation at the National Review Forum, it was learnt. The manuscripts have underwent a rigorous review process by esteemed experts from universities and the Ethiopian Institute of Agricultural Research (EIAR). Ample time was provided to reviewers so as to enable them thoroughly examine the manuscripts and provide their constructive feedbacks. The forum has also welcomed invited guests from sugar estates and ESIG Head Office, who have enriched the discussions with their valuable insights.

Two out of the total twelve manuscripts reviewed were research findings while  the rest ten were research proposals addressing various challenges in sugarcane production and sugar processing at different sugar estates. The two research findings presented are approved for dissemination to users. And, eight among the total ten research proposals are approved for implementation, the center has disclosed.

In concluding the forum following the feedback of the critical reviewers and invited participants on overall endeavor of the research sector Deputy CEO of Research and Training Division Ato Abayneh Bazezew noted the unwavering dedication of the Research and Training Division in identifying and addressing the production challenges hindering the Ethiopian Sugar Industry.

A total of 41 participants actively engaged in the two-day forum, fostering a vibrant exchange of ideas and expertise.

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