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Standing Committee Held Discussion with Employees and Management of ESIG

Standing Committee Held Discussion with Employees and Management of ESIG

  • Visited Central Sugar Warehouse and Head Office Building Site

Standing Committee of Public Enterprises Administration of House of Peoples Representatives of The Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia held discussion with employees and top management members of Ethiopian Sugar Industry Group (ESIG). The committee has also paid a visit to the Central Sugar Warehouse and Future Head Office Building Site.

During the discussion held on April 10, 2023 employees have raised various issues which are currently challenging the Group. Lack of Capital, lack of synchronized work of stakeholders, security issues, and ownership of Land are among the challenges raised.  And, in overcoming the challenges the Group is facing, employees of the Group has requested the full support of the standing committee.

The Group’s Labor Union Chairman Ato Gadissa Dessalegn during the discussion elaborated how the union is working hand in glove with the group. According to him the Union is actively participating in planning, evaluation of the group’s performance and in different administrative issues.

Standing Committee Chairman Professor Mohammed Abdo while closing the discussion session said that the issues raised by the employees of the group shows their sense of ownership, concern, commitment as well as readiness to tackle the challenges the group is facing. The committee will discuss and try to solve the challenges faced with stakeholders, he also affirmed.

On the other hand, while holding discussion with top management members of the Group, the committee has disclosed that it has witnessed the alignment of employees and management of the group in making the group productive.

The harmony witnessed between the employees and the management, from which other public enterprises should take a lesson, shows that the group will come out of its challenges in much less time.

The Standing Committee has also paid a visit on April 10, 2023 to the Groups’ Central Sugar Warehouse located at Kaliti and the future head office site of the group, which is under construction. Upon their visit Marketing Division Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Ato Tafesse Assefa, has briefed members of the Standing Committee on the sugar distribution chain.  

Regarding the construction of the future head office of the group, the committee commended the Group’s endeavor in aiming at generating various means of income.

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